BiKBBI Warns Government Not To Ignore Tradespeople

Last month, PM Boris Johnson announced the government’s roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions nationwide.

BiKBBI warn the government 

Commenting on the announcement, the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) has warned the government to keep in mind, independent retailers and tradespeople.

BiKBBI has called for immediate action to assist these professionals in getting to work. The home improvement authority has also called for longer-term interventions to open up supply chains and stimulate consumer demand.

Damian Walters, CEO of BiKBBI, said that the home improvement industry is facing the equal impact of the pandemic. Installers in the UK are now equipped with Safe Operating Procedures to continue serving people through the most recent lockdown. However, tradespersons in the north of the border had to down their tools due to the government's highly restrictive approach. They had to struggle a lot to meet their needs because of added expenditure required to work safely or income loss from lockdown.

Walters added that the independent retailers had to close their stores while larger competitors continued trading due to loopholes. The business loss forced many stores to close for goods, adding to the damage to high streets already battling.

The home improvement industry is a cornerstone of the UK economy. It fulfils the demand for day-to-day products and services nationwide and offers skilled work for a huge population.

That is why it is vital to take action to help tradespersons, including plumbers, construction workers, and electricians, recover from the hit. This means immediate declassification of independent Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom retailers from being non-essential. This will allow them to compete with large trade suppliers and ensure that they get back to work as quickly as possible.

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