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Create, sign and send unlimited digital Electrical Bonding Notice Template to your customers straight away with the Powered Now app. Available on any device (phone, table and desktop).   

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Powered Now Forms and Certificates

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We’ve made it as easy as possible to create electrical bonding notice forms. You can now easily create, fill out, sign and send your gas safety records in just a few seconds! Powered Now Gas Certificate App will make your life easier. Join thousands of gas and heating engineers saving hours per week with Powered Now. Say goodbye to your paper forms and certificate pads 👋

Our oil & gas forms and certificates include:

Gas Safety Record

This certificate can be used to document the results of safety checks and work carried out on a job site.


Commercial Catering Inspection Record

This certificate is designed to record the Gas Safety Checks and Works carried out in a commercial catering establishments, as well as the results of testing.


Central Heating Commissioning Certificate

To be used by registered gas installers when installing and commissioning a new central heating installation.


Gas Testing and Purging Certificate

When a Gas pipe is cut or removed from service it mist first be purged. This form allows you to record steps and processes for completing this.


Non-Domestic Gas Installation Safety Report

This form can be used to comply with Gas Safety regulations for the Non-Domestic sector.


Plan Commissioning/Servicing Record (Non-Domestic)

This pad is designed to record the safety checks carried out and your findings when commissioning or servicing non-domestic plants.


General Installation/Commission and Decommission

This Record can be completed with the options of Installations, Commissioning, Decommissioning, within different markets such as Domestic, Commercial or Catering.


Gas Service/Maintenance Checklist

This certificate can be used to record the finding and checks carried out during the service/maintenance of a gas appliance.


Gas Warning Notice

This certificate can be used to advice on an issue with an existing gas installation.


Leisure Industry Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety certificate for Landlords in the Leisure Industry.


Domestic Unvented Hot Water Commissioning/Inspection Record

This Record can be used to log the results of an Unvented Hot Water Vessel's Commissioning/Inspection.


Commissioning of Water Pipework Certificate

This form can be used in accordance with BS 8558:2015 to record the findings of Pressure Test performed on hot and cold water supplies.


Central Heating Powerflush Checklist

This Checklist can be used to document a Radiator System Powerflush, as well as before and after thermal readings.


Gas Breakdown/Service Record

This Gas Record is perfect for recording the results of a Gas Appliance breakdown or service callout.


Do you deal with Oil Certificates too?

Check out the Oil Certificates available in our app. Let us know if there are any other forms or certificates you need.


Oil Warning and Advice Notice

Domestic Oil Storage/Spillage Risk Assessment

Oil Installation Completion Report

Oil Firing, Servicing and Commissioning Report

Powered Now has over 60 digital forms and certificates including Risk Assessments and Customisable Forms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Powered Now's Digital Gas Safety Certificates

Do your certificates have automated reminders?

Currently on our Gas Safety Record (CP12), Gas Breakdown/Service Record, Leisure Industry Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate (CP2) and Electrical Installation Condition Report have automated reminders but all forms should have reminders by the end of this year.

How many certificates can I make?

Unlimited! That's right, with Powered Now you can make an unlimited amount of forms and certificates without any extra charge.

Can I create forms & certificates with Powered Now?

Absolutely! You can create and customise your certificates easily. 

Powered Now Forms and Certificates allows trade companies to produce critical documentation quickly and easily.

How much does digital certificate software costs?

Powered Now digital certificate software pricing depends on the plan you choose. Check out our pricing page to find out mo



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More industry-standard certificates will be added in soon!

Is there another form or certificate you need? Let us know

Powered Now Gas Certificate App will make your life easier.

One tool, everything in one place.

“It’s so brilliant to be able to present customers with digital forms and certificates straight away. This has been particularly useful when carrying out gas checks on properties with absent landlords or doing gas safety surveys on properties on behalf of estate agents and solicitors. Within minutes of me finishing the check the landlord or solicitor can have a safety certificate in their hands. As a result they’re more likely to pay the bill – and give me repeat business."

“If our customers misplace their reports or their certificates, we can get them replacement copies with the push of a button. Having everything in one place helps us be more responsive to customer requests and queries.”

"Easy to use and has changed my whole thinking of running my business and with certificates as well it’s just an all round brilliant app."

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