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Landlord Gas Safety Record (CP12)

This certificate can be used by Gas Safe Registered engineers to document the results of safety checks and work carried out on a job site.

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Installation Decommissioning & Commissioning (Gas Safe Pad17)

This Record is designed to be a very general purpose form to use for in times when you don't have a certificate for a particular job.

This Record can be completed with the options of Installation, Commissioning, Decommissioning, within different markets such as Domestic, Commercial or Catering. You can also complete this form with different fuel types such as LPG or NG as well as a miscellaneous option of "Other".

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Gas Breakdown / Service Record

This Gas Record is perfect for recording the results of a Gas Appliance breakdown or service callout.

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Gas Service / Maintenance Checklist (Gas Safe Pad 9)

This certificate can be used to record the finding and checks carried out during the service or maintenance of a gas appliance.


Gas Testing and Purge Certificate (Gas Safe Pad 11)

When a Gas pipe is cut or removed from service it must first be purged. This form allows you to record steps and processes for completing this process.

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Central Heating Commissioning Certificate (Gas Safe Pad 26)

This Certificate can be used by registered gas installers when commissioning a new central heating installation.

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Gas Warning Advice Notice (Gas Safe Pad 20)

This certificate can be used to advise on the danger level of an issue with an existing gas installation.

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Legionella Risk Assessment (Gas Safe Pad 19)

This certificate can be used to document the results of Legionella Risk Assessments for Domestic and Non Domestic properties.

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Measurement Form

Our new Measurement Form is designed for quick and professional recording of measurements, for any trade that might need it! With the ability to customise the columns to fit your needs, this may be one of our most versatile forms to date.

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Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (HWCN)

This document can be used to detail the transfer of Hazardous Waste from one company or person to another.

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Electrical Danger Notice (XNN18)

This form can be used to report issues and dangerous conditions with existing electrical installations on a fixed site.


Portable Appliance Testing Report (PAT)

This report a is used to document the result of portable electrical appliance testing to ensure devices are compliant with Health and Safety standards.

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Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate (ESN4)

This document can be used for certifying the completion of a new emergency lighting installation, up to 25 self-contained luminaires.


Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

This report can be used to document your assessment of the electrical installation within a property.


Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate (DEIC)

This certificate is used to confirm that the electrical installation to which it relates has been designed, constructed, inspected and tested in accordance with BS 7671(IEE).


Minor Electrical Installation Certificate (MEIC)

This certificate can be used to document any new electrical installation work carried out on a modified circuit.