Offline Mode

Works without Connection

Powered Now is always available on your smartphone or tablet, even when you don’t have a signal. The benefits of this are:

  • Record information, pictures and signatures related to the job straight onto your smartphone. Nothing is forgotten and there is no rekeying, scraps of paper or “black book” needed

  • Produce quotes and invoices straight after you have finished with your customer, meaning more quotes won and faster payment

Computer systems are great when they are working, but are worse than useless when they are not. Powered Now is designed to work with the real conditions experienced by people working in the trade. That’s why Powered Now still works when there isn’t a signal because that’s what you will sometimes encounter.

Powered has the following key features, many unique:

  • Works “offline” even when there is no signal.

  • Everything is saved to “The Cloud” as soon as there is a signal.

  • Data is copied to all of your devices – smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac.

  • All your team are updated too, so everyone has an up-to-date picture of what’s going on.

  • When a smartphone or tablet is lost, stolen or broken, just logon with a new device and all your information will be downloaded automatically.

That’s the thing to remember: everything is backed up so you need never lose a customer record again.

Did you know?

offline invoicing app

It seems incredible in this day and age that you can’t rely on a decent wifi or cell connection. However up to 40% of the UK and a whopping 60% of the USA has no consistent 3G or 4G coverage. In cities the opposite is true, the mobile phone towers can be so congested your data simply won’t work as there are too many devices trying to connect. Thats why we built Powered Now to work, even when your mobile internet isn’t.