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Go Digital With Powered Now’s All-In-One App

Manage your business from the office or on the go, even without signal.

✅ Keep your business in control
✅ Keep mobile workforce and office in sync
✅ Keep customers coming back

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Easily run your field service business on the go

Effortlessly run your field service business on the move. The Powered Now mobile app empowers you to seamlessly handle your field operations while on the road or at the jobsite. Effortlessly schedule work, efficiently manage your team, and effortlessly communicate with customers, regardless of your location.



Efficiently dispatch your field teams in real time

Effortlessly schedule and deploy staff to their next assignments from any device. Seamlessly manage their time and get a sneak peek of new locations all in one convenient platform.

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Gas Engineer Software

Store photos, notes, pricing and more

Keep everything in one place and organised.

Store photos, notes and pricing effortlessly against each customer or job, ensuring a comprehensive and organised project management experience.


Supercharge your office

Our mobile software app becomes the central hub of your company. Designed to simplify and streamline dispatching your engineer team, scheduling boiler services, following up with customers and issuing job sheets.

Gone are the days of hunting through different apps, filing cabinets and loose paperwork when it comes to business admin.

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App for gas engineers

Our App works on all devices

Our experts have designed the Powered Now software to work from anywhere. Our app can be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Android, and your desktop.

We prioritise your data security, and everything is backed up and secure.


All-in-one job management software

“I was previously using Gas Checker and decided that I needed something that did a bit more, thank goodness I found Powered Now, it does literally everything and the cost is very reasonable.”

“From finding powered now in a comparison top ten article, to watching the online product demo to the 1st engagement, the process was refreshingly straightforward and it felt like this was a product coming from a company that believed in itself, felt dynamic and whose focus was on its customers. So to summarise- a great overall experience.”

“I really struggle with my paperwork, invoicing doing quotes and all of this sort of thing. My strength is being on the tools and doing what I'm good at so this just makes my life so much easier. With everything is in one place and I can do more jobs. Powered Now of helped me massively and I thank them so much”

“There’s just no comparison for me. Easy to use, simple, colourful, it syncs in all your devices. You can carry on where you left off, looks professional, love the service reminders.”


Look No Further Than Powered Now

features built for the trade

Features built for the trade

Built with every engineer’s needs in mind. We support things like the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), purchase orders & more.

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Connect to Xero & HMRC

If your accountant uses Xero you can sync everything across. Powered Now also has a direct link to submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC, cutting out the middleman.

team chat and tracking

Team chat and tracking

Keep on top of your appointments with our innovative tracking features and update the team with our smart chat function.

powered now support

UK-Based support and training

We are a UK-based team with years of experience to help you get set up. Ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Meet Aäron, a Powered Now user

Powered Now is trusted by thousands of companies, from Gas Engineers like Aäron in our video below to Construction, Electricians and many more.




Questions about using Powered Now for your trade business?

How much does Powered Now cost?

Powered Now's pricing is simple and transparent.

You can buy monthly or yearly (and get two months free) all backed up with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Find out more here on our pricing page.

Can I use Powered Now for free?

Yes! Powered Now offers a free 14-day trial.

Can my staff enter their timesheets on Powered Now mobile app?

Of course, they can! With our software, you can access our timesheets that can be used on the mobile app.

What gas forms and certificates are available?

Create, sign and send unlimited digital certificates to your customers straight away with the Powered Now app.   

At Powered Now, we're committed to making all of your paperwork as easy as possible to create and handle. No more messy paperwork!

Our forms and certificates are also incredibly powerful and include Gas Safety, Electrical, Construction and many more!