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Our goal is to make your business life easier and its always nice to hear how we’ve changed peoples lives.

Here are a sample of current reviews:

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Our customers reviews from Capterra

powered now reviews from capterra icon 200x90
  • "Using Powered Now has been one of the best decisions I made last year. My customers love the invoices and quotes and I actually get paid faster!"

    K J Plumbing, Kent
  • "Paperwork, argh! I hate it! Powered Now has literally saved me hours!"

    ARK Heating, Southampton
  • “Before I discovered it I would spend hours hunting for old quotes when a client suddenly asked for that job from a year ago. This keeps everything in order and I love how the projects work.”

    GG Electrical
  • "Powered Now has actually given me my evenings back! I now invoice and quote the client direct from the job"

    McKinsey Construction - Aberdeen
  • "Powered Now has saved me so much time and helped me to become more organised. I can run my cleaning business and still have a life as well!"

    Fresh & Clean Company
  • "Great app! I love the fact that I can send my customers the invoice whilst I am still at their house! I like how I have all my important business information in one place, and it is safely stored!"

    G.H Painting & Decorating - N. London
  • "I spend less time chasing quotes since receiving notifications by text message when a customer has accepted my quote. It is great! I can also get my invoices out quicker meaning I get paid faster."

    B & M Contractors
  • "Working as a contractor I spend allot of time travelling from job to job in my van. Powered Now makes my working day simpler, from being able to estimate and invoice my company direct from my iPhone in the van."

    JD Construction - Liverpool
  • "Since I have used Powered Now for my landscape gardening company, I have been able to spend more time focusing on growing my business and less time sat at home on sorting out the paperwork."

    Green Acres Landscape Gardening Services - Hull
  • "My joinery business has actually doubled in size since I’ve been using Powered Now, rather than spending a day per week on the paperwork I can do it as I go!"

    JST Boat Building and Joinery - Cowes
  • "The biggest pest I deal with? Paperwork! Powered Now has helped me hugely and my customers love the professional looking quotes and invoices."

    O'Mally Pest Services - Detroit, USA
  • "Before we had Powered Now, it was just paperwork paperwork paperwork, stuff everywhere! I cant stand paperwork!"

    Dean Masterton Island Automotive - Newport Island Automotive
  • "With Powered Now I can focus on my work and not worry about my paperwork"

    Scott Patterned Concrete - Stockton-on-Tees
  • "Since Powered Now we have more time to speak to our customers and book in more work"

    Sarah Prince Crown Gardens & Landscapes - Southampton

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powered now reviews from capterra icon 200x90
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