Powered Now Update: V3.6 Out Now!

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Powered Now version 3.6 introduces important changes and new functionality.

  • The diary has been completely over-hauled and made easier to use.
    • The ability to link to a Google calendar had previously been added but we are mentioning it again as we found many people were not aware of this feature
  • All documents have been overhauled to provide even more power.
    • Editing is now totally flexible and any items can be deleted or added directly from the project timeline. See the “advanced edit” tab to try this out. Job sheets can also be added more easily and are treated like any other document. Any document created for a previous customer can now be used as a template.
  • The team (multi-user) version can now allow unlimited users, with a license fee for additional users.
    • Team members can chat through the app either privately one-to-one or across the entire team.
  • The subscription tiers have been completely changed. Details are here.
    • Any subscriber wishing to stay on their existing package should contact Powered Now for further details.

Coming soon: Powered Now on your desktop and laptop

Team chat in Powered Now

New chat functionality in v3.6 making it easier for you to communicate with your team.

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