7 New Features In V4 You Might Not Know About…

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1. Team Tracking

Track your team and appointments on an easy to use map. See where everyone is and has been, also overlay your appointments, perfect for busy teams. Please note to use team tracking you must have an active data connection.

team and appointment tracking

Team and Appointment tracking

2. Improved Signatures

Now you can capture a signature for any document type. For example if you need sign off for a quote, job sheet or invoice, these can then be sent to your customer or team.

capture signatures on invoices

You can now capture signatures on invoices, quotes and job sheets

3. Sync To Desktop

The mobile version of Powered Now syncs directly to the newly launched web version, meaning your can use Powered Now on any device. Just click here to access Powered Now online

4. Create Appointments Quicker

We’ve improved the performance of the calendar and you can simply double tap on a date / time to create an appointment.

Create Appointments Quicker

Simply click or tap to create an appointment or reminder

5. Alert Customers To New Appointments

When you create a new appointment in Powered Now you can also email your customers to remind them. We’ve set it so its automatic.

Alert Customers To New Appointments

Send customers appointment notifications directly from the diary

6. Easy Time Logs

You can also check in and out of an appointment and hours are recorded on the project timeline. Making it simple if you are charging your clients by the hour.

Easy Time Logs

Check in and out of appointments

Time is recorded on the project timeline

Time is recorded on the project timeline

7. Engineers Appointments

We’ve improved the ‘Engineers’ role, they can now create their own appointments.

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