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Job Management Software Build For UK Trades

The All-in-One App Designed to help you manage your Jobs, Staff and Admin.

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A Powerful Assistant in your Pocket

We know it can be difficult, especially when you’re not sitting at a desk. That’s why our app is designed to keep on top of your finances, projects and team no matter how busy your day gets.

Built for All Trades

No matter what industry you're in, Powered Now has got you covered!

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Powered Now is definitely saving me time, and helping me invoice quicker. I’m now able to invoice at the job because it all comes out of the app. There are also some good features that I didn’t realise would be so useful and time-saving – such as the ability to take photos and make notes during the survey that are then attached to the job record.

Mark Robinson
Electrician, Rook Electrical
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We’ve always prided ourselves on excellent customer service and aftercare and Powered Now really helps in that. If our customers misplace their reports or their certificates, we can get them replacement copies with the push of a button. Having everything in one place helps us be more responsive to customer requests and queries.

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Linda French
5 Star Pest Control
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Powered Now helps present a much more professional persona to the customer. The photos reassure customers that jobs have been done properly – and even if you make a mistake you can sort it out more easily with photographic evidence. The training and support are superb. If you’ve ever got a question, they talk you through everything.

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Paul Randall
Gas Engineer, Randall Gas
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Been using Powered Now for about a year now and it has saved me so much time. It's such a brilliant platform for managing my staff for separate jobs and removes any doubt about whether they're at the right place at the right time.

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Meg Riley
Product Designer, Google
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I've used different softwares in the past, but Powered Now has been a breath of fresh air. I've had multiple training sessions to make sure we were getting the most out of everything, and the support team is always there to answer any questions, extremely helpful every single time.

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Mark Robinson
Product Designer, Google
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I have been using powered now for 3 years, started off as a free trial and carried it on. Makes life so easy with quoting, converting them to invoices and keeping track of payments. Very handy to have all information on your phone, couldn't go without it now.

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Jake Miller