What’s New with Powered Now

Version 7.7 Update

We just wanted to say hello!

You were previously a subscriber to Powered Now. We just wanted to say hello and tell you a little more about whats changed since you last used our software.

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Forms and Certificates including Minor Works and Installation Certs (soon)

Powered Now has introduced its Forms and Certificates feature in the autumn of 2018. This allows trade companies to produce critical documentation quickly and easily.

This feature started with forms mostly used by Electricians, including Minor Works and in our next release a number of installation certificates. The list of forms and certificates will be regularly added to over the months and you should try out the app to see the latest developments.


Project Status & Next Action Date

Are your projects overwhelming? Do you have too much on the go at any one time, or maybe your workflow is a bit more complex.

Powered Now v7.7 has a new option for colour coding and naming your projects in its various states. You can also assign a next action date and organise your project screen to show you what you have to do next.

This means you can be even more organised without having to worry about the details.


Complex Contacts

If you work for Landlords, Letting or Estate Agents or large construction or building projects, Complex Contacts will make your life much easier.

Within Powered Now v7.7 you can now assign multiple people, sites and addresses under a single contact. You can also create separate invoicing addresses.


Auto Archive

If you have a lot of projects on the go, Powered Now can get pretty full, however we understand that keeping the records of what you did, for who and when is really important for you. In Powered Now v7.7 it has an automatic archive facility, it backs up, encrypts and makes sure your phone, tablet, Mac or PC are running quickly.


We’ve been busy since you last looked at us!

As well as the above three new features within Powered Now, we’ve been really busy adding a heap of things our users have asked for including:

  • Forms and Certificates - You can now create some of the most common forms and certificates within Powered Now including Gas Safe, Electrical Installation and we are adding more all the time.

  • Product Catalogue - You can now create a full product catalogue, making it easy to quickly create invoices and quotes using your most common items.

  • Better Customer Search - You can now search for customers easily including details of sites and addresses.

  • Improvements to Templates - Last year we added 12 new templates, meaning you can look good with less effort!

  • Multiple Appointment Check-ins - You can keep track of time on your appointments by ‘checking in’, everything is saved on a project and you can quickly see where you are spending your time!

  • Diary Improvements - We added some gloss paint to the diary, made it easier to see who’s doing what, and when.

  • Suppliers, Expenses & Supplier Invoices - Keep a track of your outgoings and costs easily and on the go.

  • CIS for Contractors & Subcontractors - Construction Industry Scheme, it’s never been easier to create invoices with CIS and track how much you’ve paid.

We’ve also got a lot on the way!

  • Coming Soon: Making Tax Digital, MTD, save those expensive accountancy and bookkeeper fees and submit your VAT return directly to HMRC from Powered Now.

  • Coming Soon: More Forms & Certificates, we have a lot of new forms and certificates on the way.