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Payment Options

The benefits of Powered Now’s payment options are:

  • Know who owes you money and who you owe money to at a glance
    Save time, improve cashflow and avoid bad debt using electronic payments
  • There are several parts to the payment functionality in Powered Now:

Taking payments for sales invoices electronically

  • Recording other payments on sales invoices
  • Recording payments made on supplier invoices and expenses

Electronic payments

Currently Powered Now supports the following ways of taking payments electronically: [1]

  • By clicking on a link from the email or invoice your customer can make a Paypal payment at the Paypal web site
  • Using Paypal Now at the client’s premises using a Paypal chip and pin reader [2]
  • Using Paypal Here at the client’s premises where the client has a Paypal Here account
get paid quicker - paypal

[1] All options require a Paypal account and all options result in the payment being automatically recorded in Powered Now where the related invoice is marked paid
[2] requires purchase of a Paypal chip and pin reader

Recording payments

Payments can be recorded against both sales invoices and supplier invoices to keep track of the status of these invoices. As well as the electronic payment types above, the following types of payments can be recorded against sales invoices:

  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • Bank transfers
  • Direct Debits
  • Standing Orders
  • Payments made by Card

The following types of payments can be recorded against supplier invoices and expenses:

  • Cheques
  • Bank transfers
  • Payments made by Company Card
  • Petty Cash
  • Payroll (Expenses only)


Refunds can also be recorded in Powered Now, so when overpayments are made or credits given to clients, invoices are still shown as balanced.


Recording payments against invoices allows Powered Now to automatically calculate CIS amounts and generate the necessary reports to support the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Accounting interfaces

All payment and refund records can be extracted so they can be imported into an accounting system.

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