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Team tracking and live appointments

Team Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Powered Now’s team tracking software is a location tracker which lets you know where your team should be as well as where they actually are, using our GPS tracker app built right into the standard Powered Now software. The benefits are:

  • Know where your team are at all times with the location tracker
  • Dispatch the nearest team member to emergency appointments
  • Team members can explicitly check in and out of appointments
  • See the location of team members and the location of appointments on one map
  • Identify any abuse of vans from the speed and track that they take


Powered Now live team location tracking software screen on iphone

The Powered Now team tracker app helps you to run your business efficiently. Knowing where the team are is essential for any growing business – you can be sure when they are on the job. Existing vehicle tracking solutions tend to be both expensive and overkill for many small businesses. All important information is shown about your team’s movements including a track of where they have been, their speed, the date and more. The same map also shows appointments.

Powered Now live team location tracking app screen on iphone


Powered Now team tracking is really easy to use, everything happens automatically once it’s turned on. As the premium location tracker for small business you would expect a big price tag, but it simply forms part of the Powered Now service.

Powered Now team location tracking app screen on iphone and macbook


Powered Now location tracking software shows a live team screen on your smartphone or tablet so you can see what’s happening even when you are out in the field.

This GPS tracker app for small business provides the lowest cost location tracking around. What’s not to like?

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