Job & Project Management

Job Management Software for Small Businesses

Powered Now provides comprehensive job and project management software for small business. The benefits include:

  • Everything related to a project is organised in date and item order in one place

  • Easy to use workflow, set a project status and next action date with ease

  • Keeps totals of what has been quoted, accepted, invoiced and paid – automatically. No more trying to find all the pieces of paper before you know what to charge

  • Project time management allows time spent on appointments or tasks to be booked by staff in the field

  • Empowers your team to collect signatures and more

Time Recorded, Everything in One Place

Powered Now’s job management software allows you to do project management for multiple projects for a single client. This job management app comes with a job time tracker allowing you to see what time has been spent on each appointment or other activity. It has a timeline that shows all notes, pictures, appointments, invoices and other documents in a single place in date and time order.

Project Totals Automatically Calculated

It is project management software specifically designed for smaller trade companies. As a by-product of job management, running totals are kept for quotes, accepted quotes, invoices, customer payments, cost of materials and expenses and hours spent on the project.

Comprehension Solution

In contrast to Powered Now, many project management apps are not designed for small businesses, and don’t include important features like quoting, invoicing and tracking staff, let alone support for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and running totals that help you to invoice for everything.

This online project management software provides job time management, project time tracking as well as gathering together everything that happens on a project. What’s not to like?

Did you know?

Project Management app

The Powered Now project timeline was actually the very first thing we built in Powered Now!