Manage your business on the go

Exclusive 2 months free trial plus 20% off on your first year for CHAS members.

  • Invoice & Quote with outcome and customer feedback tracking 
  • Keep on track of your jobs and profitability with Projects
  • View all of your customers info, sites and documents all in 1 place
  • Know where your team are, chat and schedule work
  • Works on phones, tablets and computers - on and offline
  • Reduce your hours with digital Forms and Certificates
  • + much more

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Manage your jobs from one place while keeping on top of the paperwork

No one likes paperwork, we know, especially when you are running a busy company. Thats why we built Powered Now. We've got thousands of users and know how to make your life simpler, get your life back from paperwork!

Our UK based team will also set your account up for free and give you ongoing training and support. Simply get in touch and we can arrange at a time thats convenient to you.

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Use on any device

Powered Now can be used on your smartphone, tablet or computer, even offline


Look professional

With over 20 templates, just add your logo and you are good to go, minimal setup


Impress your customers

You're customers will love the paperwork, also track your quotes and invoices


"Great communications with a super slick app. This makes any business look 100% more professional and allows you to quickly move through the day without the need for spending waisted time on paperwork. I recommend this to all looking at other brands. It has worked very well for me and my business."
Aaron B